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21 February 2012

Last year, 35 million UK shoppers used home delivery. This year ecommerce alone, a market growing at an average rate of 20% year on year, is estimated to account for some £25 billion in sales. Nobody can doubt that delivery is a big deal for the UK retail sector, and a huge opportunity for those carriers that are able to service it. The good news is that you’re one of them!

Shutl is an award winning start-up founded by Tom Allason (previously founder of that works with point-to-point couriers across the UK to “solve” the problem of home delivery. Shutl’s branded web service integrates with a retailer’s website, allowing shoppers to select from two groundbreaking options:

1) ASAP delivery within as little as 90 minutes.
2) Choose a 1-hour delivery window, same day or any day.

Shutl currently counts Argos, Oasis, Karen Millen, Warehouse and Coast amongst its customers and is growing at a phenomenal rate as word of the service spreads. Expectations are to be channelling thousands of deliveries a day to its carrier partners across the UK by mid-2012.

How does it work?

Shutl works with a select number of local same day courier companies within each region. The Shutl technology platform matches individual deliveries in real time to the optimum courier according to who is best suited to that specific job - weighing performance history, price and consumer feedback. Carriers who perform within Service Level Agreement (SLA) are rewarded with future deliveries on which they can command a higher margin in relation to carriers that perform less well.

Get in on the action?

If you’d like to gain access to a massive and growing number of deliveries and can guarantee exceptional levels of service, please visit and contact Steven Kemp at Shutl on 0207 749 1751. Shutl is currently working with a number of delivery management software providers, including The PODFather, to make the service easily and readily accessible to carriers of all sizes.


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