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11 August 2015

JW Filshill implement the PODFather Logistics system for real-time delivery tracking across their delivered wholesale distribution business.

JW Filshill implement the PODFather Logistics system for real-time driver tracking and managing deliveries and returns across their wholesale distribution business.

Glasgow-based JW Filshill was established in 1875 as a confectionary manufacturer and diversified into cash and carry along with a delivered goods service in the 1960s. Still family-owned, the business has grown into one of the largest delivered wholesale businesses in the UK with revenues around £160m.

The business has won many industry awards; including best wholesaler, best IT project and Scotland’s most innovative haulier.

Continuous improvements to the business systems and processes over the years led to the company wanting a better solution for tracking deliveries once they have left the depot.

The company have integrated warehouse management systems and route planning software provided by Sandersons and Optrak respectively. By uploading customer order and route data from these systems into PODFather, the company has gained real-time visibility of the orders as they progress throughout the day and reduced the admin associated with the paper-based delivery processes.

The PODFather backoffice system links to the driver handhelds and confirms the ETA for each delivery based on the actual times of driver events. If any delivery is expected to miss a delivery window due to delays once the driver has departed the depot, alerts are raised to allow either a reordering of jobs or customer to be contacted to inform them of a change to their ETA.

The system processes start at the depot in the morning when the driver completes a mandatory vehicle inspection on the handheld, with any faults logged and made visible to Filshill transport management staff.

Drivers are then presented with their route on the handheld, ordered in drop-sequence. Each delivery is processed on the PODFather handheld, with steps included to ensure high-value goods are barcode scanned on delivery, the number of cages and pallets left at customer sites are tracked, and any return products – either pre-booked or ad-hoc – are scanned back into the vehicle. Workflows on the devices will ensure if anything unexpected occurs, the handheld will prompt the driver to capture photographs as evidence, along with the name and signature of the customer.

Drivers also complete their end-of-day routines on the handhelds. By having all driver paperwork processes transferred into the PODFather system, JW Filshill have been able to build a custom driver activity and timesheet report into PODFather to make further efficiency gains.

Robin Spalding, Transport Manager of JW Filshill, explains, “Filshill will embrace technology if there are clear benefits in doing so. We make several hundred deliveries every day so processing all the driver paperwork was a significant task which we’ve been able to automate thanks to the PODFather system. This has removed the need to manually produce driver timesheets and process returns data back into Sandersons for generating credit notes to customers.”

“The PODFather system works well for our business”, continues Robin. “It makes us more efficient and has been quickly adopted as a tool to manage distribution. We intend to continue developing systems so that our Customer Services team can utilise live information from Podfather and inform customers of any developments with their delivery.The team at PODFather worked hard to understand our requirements and tailor the solution to meet our needs. We’ve no hesitation in recommending it to other companies working in our sector.”


About JW Filshill

J W Filshill Ltd (http://www.filshill.co.uk) is a wholesale business based in Glasgow, which supplies circa 8000 products to 1400 different businesses across Scotland and the North of England generating a turnover of £158m whilst employing over 200 members of staff. JWF also run a 170 strong convenience symbol group chain (KeyStore) in Scotland.

About PODFather Ltd

PODFather Ltd (http://www.podfather.com) is a cloud-based software solution provider, working for businesses operating in logistics, construction, and various field service sectors. The mobile and web-based backoffice solutions allow businesses to schedule and manage their operations in real-time and removes the problems associated with paper-based processes.

The PODFather Logistics and Field Service system has processed millions of delivery notes and engineer job sheets of various complexities since being launched in 2006. By automating paper-based processes and giving a real-time view of job progress, the PODFather system drives efficiencies through an organisation. Ultimately this can improve revenues, cash flow and customer service levels, whilst helping reduce the administrative costs and burdens of inefficient paper-based systems.

PODFather has clients across UK and Ireland; including BAE Systems, BAM Nuttall, Berry Bros & Rudd, Crossrail, Igloo Thermo Logistics, Nationwide Window Cleaning, Oxfam, Rico Logistics, United Utilities and Vinci Construction.


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