Case Study: Tastes Catering

30 December 2008

Established in 1990, Tastes Catering is one of London's leading independent specialist business caterers, serving over 200 different clients in the central London area, including global corporate and household names. Tastes’ offers its clientèle a mixture of hot and cold buffets, finger foods, sandwiches fruit and salads.

Tastes Catering’s kitchens are the hub of its activity. The company uses an online ordering system through its website which enables companies and organisations to choose from a selection of menu options up to 17:30 hours the day before delivery.

The back-end of the ordering system then collates every order and helps to deploy these orders to the various sections of the kitchen, which produces each food platter. Delivery notes that marry up each client’s order are produced with detailed information needed for every delivery and include a variety of information such as any special instructions and number of food platters to be dropped off.

The website has helped transform the company’s operations, but the onerous task of manually inputting every delivery note into a spreadsheet for the back-office administration team was time consuming, so on hearing about PODFather, the company’s managing director Catriona Butcher knew she had found the answer to her problem.

“Our vehicles leave our premises every day to deliver to clients within the London ‘congestion zone’, so we have to ensure all our jobs are organised and our clients get their food platters at the time they requested them. There is no room for error. Late delivery is not an option.

PODFather has transformed our logistics. Rather than manually inputting the delivery note details into a spreadsheet, our software company has designed a way to upload every delivery note onto PODFather.

Once all deliveries are uploaded onto the PODFather web site, we can drag and drop each job into the correct delivery order and then export to the mobiles held by our delivery drivers, allowing us to prioritise deliveries and re-arrange all the orders. Some of our clients order daily and some place monthly orders, so with no two orders being the same, we have to know at-a-glance what the current delivery status is.”

Catriona is therefore convinced PODFather has further strengthened the company’s administration procedures.

She adds, “For me, PODFather is something that our competitors don’t have which gives us a commercial advantage. This is an extremely competitive marketplace and PODFather adds value not just for us, but for our clients. For example, if a client phones us to say their delivery hasn’t arrived; we can check the delivery status on PODFather immediately and give our client an instant reply as to where their order is. More often than not, it could be in the building, but just not yet reached the boardroom!

I’m delighted PODFather not only adds value for us, but adds value for our clients too.”


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