Project management

PODFather Earthworks is a web-based database system to manage customers, sites for muck away and tipping, materials, hauliers and vehicles.

All tickets generated by the site using rugged handheld PDAs are automatically and permanently archived in the PODFather and numerous standard and custom reports are available.

Optional modules are available for vehicle tracking, supplier self-billing and POD invoicing.


Site solutions

The PODFather Earthworks handheld software has been purpose built for use in construction environments, and is deployed using rugged handhelds and mobile printers.

The system produces unique conveyance tickets to comply with Duty of Care regulations, and uses barcode technology throughout the process to scan vehicles at the originating and tip sites to ensure both fraudulent movements and human errors are eliminated.

Tickets can be generated by drivers in-cab, or by an on-site ticket checker depending on project requirements.

The hardware required for either deployment option includes a suitable rugged handheld PDA and mobile printer with accessories for charging either in a vehicle or site office. PDAs offered have cameras to photograph material collected (if required) and allow GPS tracking to show both the live and historical driver movements if used in-cab.


Reports, Accounts, and Systems Integration

Consolidated management reports are generated in the Backoffice system to show the number of loads per customer, per site, per haulier/vehicle/driver, and per material type. Custom reports can be easily added for bespoke requirements.

Projects are administered in The PODFather Backoffice system, setting rates for all material movements by haulage contractors so when tickets are generated at the site, a corresponding invoice and haulier payment record are generated to ensure all work is billed correctly with no duplication of data.

Various administrative and reporting functions are available to the user via a web browser to operate The PODFather Earthworks backoffice system, including:

  • Administration tasks: maintaining Users, Customers, Sites (both Collection, Delivery and Tip sites), Hauliers, Vehicle Types (eg 8W, Artic, Concrete mixer), Drivers, Vehicles (including registration number, vehicle type and default driver), Materials (including which Materials are accepted by sites), per-Haulier tariffs for material movements, and per-Project tariffs for invoicing to Project;
  • Operations tasks: viewing recently completed tickets in the PODs archive, and PDA device health information to ensure the equipment onsite is working properly;
  • Accounts tasks (if modules required): production of Sales Ledger invoices to the Customer; production of Haulage Supplier Payment Reports for both internal billing and sub-contractor self-billing purposes. Both invoice and supplier payment records are generated in PDF format for forwarding onto the relevant parties, and CSV exports of the transactions are available for importing into existing accounts systems.
  • Reporting tasks: production of various reports based on collected ticket data. Reports are produced in both PDF and CSV format, giving the flexibility of either pre-formatted reports (PDF), or data reports for further processing in tools such as Microsoft Excel or Crystal Reports.


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