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2 man home delivery

"We make over 1 million deliveries a year. PODFather ensures each one of them is completed correctly and customers are notified of their ETA throughout the day."

Business Improvement Manager

Breezemount Group

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Patient record tracking

"PODFather helps prevent the risk of assets and health records being lost or misplaced, and improves the scheduling efficiencies of ad-hoc and regular tasks for our courier operations."

Associate Director, Estates & Facilities

Cumbria Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

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Technology Services

"We selected the PODFather because it offered all the functionality we required to replace our existing systems along with additional features like tracking, route scheduling and ETA notifications to our customers all within a single integrated solution."

Director, Rico Logistics

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"Crossrail have replaced the manual processing of in-excess of 1,000 paper forms per day and now benefit from real-time, highly accurate reporting of data back into their planning systems"

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Scottish Government Home Insulation Scheme

"The PODFather allows us to easily allocate survey jobs to our subcontractors, measure how they perform, and deliver a faster, more complete service to home owners. The system works brilliantly, and has substantially reduced the cost of delivering the Home Insulation Scheme."

John Murray, Project Manager, Energy Saving Trust

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Facilities Management

“We were amazed at the speed which the team at PODFather understood our business requirements and converted them into a solution."

Managing Director, NWC Group

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Facilities Management

"PODFather helps ensure we are consistent with our maintenance contracts, and we've responded within contracted SLA times for emergency call-outs. Our accounts department are also able to view completed jobs and invoice much faster than before."

Scott Murray, Managing Director, Timetra

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Air Conditioning Engineers

"The real benefit comes from receiving the job sheets back into the office the same day that the job is complete so this is a huge improvement to our cash flow and it also enables us to analyse our reports and follow up with customers faster.”

Arthur Stewart, Service Director, Powermaster

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