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Job booking

Jobs are entered into the backoffice web application either by:

  • Office staff manually keying job details into the PODFather backoffice job booking screens;
  • Customers booking jobs online via the customer portal module;

  • Automatically uploading jobs from another computer system via The PODFather systems interface (XML API)

The PODFather job booking screen is driven by a “Job Template” design, which permits it to be customised to support the job booking information required for your business. Typically job booking data covers customer details, despatch depot/collection and delivery addresses, time windows for collection and delivery, contact details, customer purchase order number, and the description of the job details are entered.

The standard job template which covers the majority of information required by our logistics customers when booking a job, and it's possible to have custom job templates developed for a one off charge (POA depending on the complexity of the template).


Scheduling systems

There are several modules within the PODFather system to aid in the planning and scheduling of resources, and to help ensure all jobs are carried out on time. These include systems for reactive and planned work, as well as setting the route sequence of multi-drop runs with ETA calculations.

By using the PODFather scheduling systems, you will be able to verify that jobs have been successfully uploaded and allocated to a driver PDA. The system will give a quick view of all work in progress, and alert the office staff about any jobs which are potentially running late.


PDA system for driver manifests and ePOD

The PDA system is designed for semi-rugged and fully-rugged handhelds running Windows Mobile. The system runs "locally" on the handheld, meaning your drivers can complete a job with customer name and signature outside network coverage and the handheld will automatically transmit the POD once the driver returns to network coverage.

Note the system can be implemented with-or-without barcode and/or RFID scanning depending on the hardware being used and information passed to the PDA at the point of job booking.


GPS tracking

The PDA system relays it's GPS coordinates every 60 seconds to the office, giving you a near real-time position of your drivers as well as recording their "snail-trail" movements. The tracking module overlays the driver jobs and location where jobs are signed off, giving you an excellent audit-trail of activity.


POD auto-email and archive

The system will auto-email the POD to your customers (branded with your own logo) with a PDF attachment made to resemble a signed delivery note. The PODs are also permanently archived in the PODFather system allowing to you forget about filing old paperwork.



As soon as a POD is signed, an Uninvoiced POD record is created allowing you to review the invoice details before batch processing to generate a PDF invoice, suitable for either emailing to your customer or printing and posting off, and a batch invoice file designed to be imported into your accounts system.



Many summary reports are available allowing you to analyse activity by customer, driver, depot, and export all data into a spreadsheet to permit you to create your own ad-hoc reports.


Customer Portal

A portal is available for your customer to book jobs, view jobs in progress, and retrieve PODs. If customers use the system for job booking, you will be emailed when they make a booking, and the booking is made top priority in the Jobs screen used by the transport office so they can respond quickly.


Sub-Contractor Payments

If you use subbies, this module will allow you to input their costs against a job and then create a self-billing report once they report the job is complete via either a PDA or manually completing the job in the office.


Vehicle reminders

The PODFather lets you store key reminders, like tax, MOT, and service dates against your vehicles and be notified in advance of renewal dates whenever you log into the system.

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