Colin McCreadie, Managing Director

Colin joined Valley Technology in 2002 after completing an MSc in IT and Financial Services at Napier University, Edinburgh.

Colin managed the rollout of the initial key customers of the PODFather having defined the first feature sets of the product and subsequently joined the Board of Valley Technology/PODFather Ltd in 2009.

Today he manages sales, account management with customers and partners, ensuring the evolution of the PODFather platform matches the strategic growth of the business.




Alastair Broom, Key Accounts Director

Alastair graduated from the University of Edinburgh in 1992 with a BEng(Hons) in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering. Alastair has 20+ years commercial experience in defining and deploying IT solutions to business customers.

Alastair founded Valley Technology Ltd in 2000, the IT services company that developed the PODFather system and subsequently changed name to PODFather Ltd in 2013.

He brings a wealth of experience to the PODFather team with technical skills for building hugely scalable, mission critical business systems and the ability to motivate multidisiciplinary technology teams whilst focusing on the commercial requirements of the end customer.





David Hodgson, Operations Director

David moved to Edinburgh to join the team at Valley Technology in 2004 and was appointed to the Board as Operations Director in 2015. David manages all Operations teams; covering product development of both handheld and backoffice systems, project integration and customer support.




Steve Shanks, Chief Technology Officer

Steve graduated from the the University of Edinburgh with a BEng(Hons) in Software Engineering in 2005 and joined Valley Technolgy shortly after as a Systems Developer.

Having worked in various roles in the business, Steve was promoted to the Chief Technical Officer in 2011 and is responsible for the technical design of the PODFather platform. He supervises a talented team of System Developers and Software Testers and works closely with Customers and the Sales Team to make sure the system meets their requirements.





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