Crossrail Press Release

04 March 2013

Scottish Businesses urged to seize Crossrail opportunities

Businesses in Scotland are being urged to seize the opportunities that Crossrail – Europe’s biggest construction project - has to offer.

Crossrail, the new rail line that will link Berkshire with Essex via 21km of twin tunnels under London, has awarded direct, tier 1 contracts with a value of over £5.5bn. Throughout the project and its supply chain it is estimated that enough work will be generated to support the equivalent of 55,000 full time jobs

However, the majority of contracts throughout the project’s supply chain are yet to be awarded. Tens of thousands of business opportunities will arise over the years ahead as the project’s main contractors still need to buy a wide range of goods, works and services from companies of all sizes.

Figures published today by Crossrail show that 43 per cent of businesses winning work connected to Crossrail are based outside of London and the southeast and 58 per cent are small and medium sized businesses.

An example of a business that has won work in Scotland is The PODFather, a technology company based in Edinburgh, which has supplied an innovative hand held PDA system to capture vehicles’ arrivals and departures from Crossrail’s sites. The system provides real-time reporting of vehicle movements and has replaced paper-based worksheets, saving time and reducing mistakes.

The Crossrail contract has opened up new business opportunities for the Edinburgh company in London and the southeast of England and has resulted in it recruiting extra staff to cover the increased software development work and support.

Click here for the main Press Release on the Crossrail website.

Andrew Wolstenholme, Crossrail Chief Executive, said: “Work on Crossrail is set to peak over the next two years, so it’s vital that businesses in Scotland seize the opportunities that Europe’s largest construction project has to offer. We want to make sure that firms of all sizes from right across the UK know about the business openings that will arise.”

Jillian Moffat, Head of Games Legacy Team at Scottish Enterprise said: “The Crossrail project, as well as other public sector bodies are committed to using CompeteFor to advertise contract opportunities, so the need to become part of the CompeteFor community is more important than ever.

Crossrail provides significant supply chain opportunities which will help Scottish companies to grow and encourage collaboration with other UK businesses, further enhancing companies' growth opportunities.”

Crossrail has today issued a three point plan for businesses looking for Crossrail work:


  • Sign up to the CompeteFor website. A bit like an online dating service for businesses, the website automatically matches suppliers to opportunities that suit them and allows them to apply for contracts quickly and easily.

  • Go to the suppliers section of the Crossrail website where they can see the latest summary of all the direct contracts awarded and download a supplier guide, which is designed to help businesses find out more about Crossrail and how to become a Crossrail supplier.

  • Get in touch with their recognised trade association, many of which are in contact with Crossrail about the opportunities available for the sectors that they represent.


Crossrail Supply Chain Map


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