Igloo Thermo Logistics take the heat out of paperwork with the PODFather

04 April 2013

Igloo Thermo Logistics integrates the PODFather Logistics system into their business and deploy with ultra-rugged Intermec CN70 handhelds

London-based Igloo Thermo Logistics, the refrigerated transport specialist, has deployed the PODFather Logistics system to eliminate paper delivery notes from their business and provide real-time delivery notifications via email to their client base across the UK.

Formed almost ten years ago, Igloo Thermo now operate out of three depots in Watford, Leeds and Glasgow and have become one of the leading transport providers for both chilled and frozen food, and temperature controlled pharmaceuticals.

On the technology front, Igloo Thermo has invested in real-time temperature and GPS monitoring for their extensive fleet of refrigerated vans and HGVs, and developed a bespoke booking and transport planning system for the office staff.
The next stage of technology investment was to eliminate paper delivery notes from the business to cut both the administration costs of processing paper and offer improved customer service by sending emails within seconds of a delivery being made, complete with name and signature of the delivery recipient.

Igloo Thermo chose to deploy the PODFather system after being introduced to it by one of their customers who used it on their own delivery vans. The PODFather is a cloud based mobile software solution designed for businesses operating in logistics, construction, and various field service sectors. The integrated PDA and web-based backoffice solutions allow businesses to manage their operations in real-time and removes the problems associated with paper-based processes.

Igloo Thermo selected the Intermec CN70 handheld for use with the PODFather in their fleet of delivery vans. The CN70 is an ultra-rugged mobile computer packed with all the data capture features they need to run the PODFather application. The CN70 features an IP67 environmental rating so can withstand submersion in water and high drops to concrete.

Peter Greenley, Finance Director of Igloo Thermo Logistics, comments, “The PODFather system has proved very useful for the business. Delivery routes are uploaded to the driver PDAs and displayed in the sequence planned in the office. We can see how a route is being progressed at any point throughout the day without having to disrupt the driver with phone calls. As soon as a delivery is made, the office system is updated with the completed details and the customer gets an email with a copy of their POD attached.”

“We’ve had the PODFather system further customised to meet our own requirements”, Peter continues. “This includes start of day vehicle checks and time windows on all delivery jobs and any problems are reported by the system which allows staff in the office to take action immediately.”

Colin McCreadie, Business Development Director of PODFather said, “The PODFather has been designed to be easily integrated into existing transport software to eliminate paper delivery notes. We are delighted to have helped a successful business like Igloo Thermo enhance their systems and look forward to working with them as their business continues to grow”.


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