Pro Freight Solutions measure their success with PODFather

09 June 2010

Pro Freight Solutions (P.F.S.) is a fast growing business based in Brownhills in the West Midlands, operating a large fleet of vehicles ranging from small vans to articulated trucks and custom trailers. P.F.S also offer 3 storage facilities, with complete stock management by dedicated staff.

P.F.S. work in partnership with their clients and suppliers to produce innovative solutions to benefit all parties involved. This has led to P.F.S. reducing their transport costs and carbon footprint by developing a unique three tier trailer that is able to pass into Europe. To do this P.F.S. had to maximise the internal space of a British trailer by lowering the height of the trailer floor and then put in three separate levels internally to maximise the quantity of freight that could be loaded compared to a standard trailer.

With various aspects to the business – including sameday, pallets, European groupage and distribution – P.F.S. required a system which could be quickly modified to suit their expanding business. Tailoring the system to suit key accounts was also a driving force behind their adoption of The PODFather system.

The PODFather system implemented by P.F.S has facilities for job booking, scheduling, ePOD and invoicing. An automatic groupage function to suit the custom trailers has been incorporated to make the transport planning simpler, and online facilities for P.F.S. customers are available so they can view their job status, with PODs emailed to customers in real-time.

Mitch Chance, Managing Director of Pro Freight Solutions, explains further, “PODFather have worked closely with us to setup the booking and POD systems in a very short time frame. We're a fast expanding company and are making large investments to increase transport and storage capacity, and ensure we provide great customer service. What we don't want is to increase the admin costs as the business grows.

“The IT systems put in by PODFather have really made us stand out and allows us to give services to our clients that we know some of the multi-national companies have spent millions implementing.”

Realising that there is more functionality available in PODFather which can benefit both PFS and their customers, Mitch continues, “Whilst we have started with a fairly simple system, our larger customers are very keen to integrate the real-time information into their own systems to improve their traceability and audit trails. This will involve barcoding the goods in the factory, and scanning each item through collection, sorting and delivery. If there are any problems, then we know precisely where they are introduced as the PODFather system flags any discrepancy and the driver can also attach photos to the PODs.”


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