The PODFather partners with the Road Haulage Association

21 December 2009

The PODFather is working with the Road Haulage Association (RHA) to provide its members with the best-of-breed software solutions for the road haulage and logistics industries.

The PODFather is a mobile software solution that tracks job (and delivery) information from the point of order through to delivery, helping businesses streamline their operations and reduce the administration and time-delay problems associated with a paper-based logistics process. Launched by Valley Technology Ltd (Edinburgh, UK) in 2007, it has quickly established as a leading solution for companies operating in construction services, road haulage, and third-party logistics.

The RHA provides dedicated campaigning, advice, information and business services specially tailored for the haulage industry. The RHA also uses its buying power to negotiate exclusive savings on a range of key haulage services, saving Members time and money.

Commenting from The PODFather, Colin McCreadie, Business Development Director, explains further, “The PODFather software system will be offered at a preferential rate to all RHA members via the RHA online shop and members catalogue in 2010. We have worked with many hauliers since we launched PODFather, and joining the RHA in 2010 on a formal basis allows us to work more closely with the industry to ensure RHA members, regardless of their size, can realise the commercial benefits of the system.”

Richard Ellithorne, Operations Director of the RHA, adds, “We are delighted to welcome Valley Technology and The PODFather into the RHA. They have demonstrated the PODFather system can offer significant value to businesses through the automation of manual processes and improved customer service. The low-cost and quick set up times of the system ensures that it is available to all of our members.”


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