PODFather Integrated Tracking Launched

25 November 2010

The team at The PODFather is delighted to announce the launch of our integrated tracking module.

Now you can view the location of your drivers, their recent route trails, and the GPS location of completed jobs all within the PODFather backoffice system - in your web browser.

This is achieved by tracking the driver's PDA - no need to fit an expensive dedicated tracking unit. No need to switch between your transport planning system and your stand-alone tracking solution to find a driver - it's all available on one web browser screen.

Have you ever wondered who was the nearest driver to a job? Or which route they took to deliver a job? Or where they were when a job was signed off?

Has a customer ever phoned asking where their driver is? Using The PODFather portal, the customer can log in and view the current location of the driver delivering their job. This cuts down on phone calls to you, and gives your customer the warm fuzzy feeling of a great service supplied by you.

Have you ever lost a pitch to a competitor? now you can demonstrate as part of your pitch the route you took to get to the meeting, and location of an ePOD when it was signed. Would that help you win business?

Alastair Broom, Managing Director of Valley Technology, the creators of The PODFather, commented: "We're very excited by the release of the integrated tracking module for The PODFather. Early comments from customer include "amazing" and "I'm sold", so we're encouraged that users can see the benefit of knowing what their drivers are doing, where and when.

"We've had great feedback about the tracking being integrated into The PODFather so there is no need to switch between systems.

"The tracking module demonstrates our commitment to our existing customers through continual improvement of the product. And, of course, we expect to bring many new customer into the PODFather family."

The GPS tracking module is available to existing customers for a small additional monthly fee pre PDA. New customers can choose tracking only, ePOD only, or tracking+ePOD for their PDAs.

All that is required is the driver to be using a Windows Mobile phone which has a GPS feature.


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