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The PODFather backoffice system runs on servers located in multiple internet datacentres. This means you don't have the expense of running your own server. In addition to The PODFather's own internal monitoring systems, we use Swedish company to measure our uptime and availibility

Every minute, pingdom connects to our five main PODFather services from up to 35 different sites spread across 12 countries. The graphs below show availability as measured by every minute for the last 30 days.


Uptime for The PODFather backoffice: Last 30 days
The PODFather backoffice application; inc. job creation, scheduling, POD archive, Invoicing and Tracking modules


Uptime for The PODFather Handhelds: Last 30 days

The PODFather handhelds service, which sends jobs to, and receives jobs from driver PDAs


Uptime for The PODFather customer portal: Last 30 days

The PODFather customer portal - for end customers to view their own PODs and manage online bookings.


Uptime for The PODFather brochure: Last 30 days

The PODFather brochure website (what you are viewing right now)


Uptime Report for The PODFather upload: Last 30 days

The PODFather upload service, which receives formatted jobs files from integrated customer systems


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