Our software has been proven to help users cut running costs by more than 20% through better utilisation of fleet assets, reduced mileage, and a drop in fuel costs. In addition, we eradicate paper giving users real time visibility, and full-time accountability, of what’s going on across their logistics operation.

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Improve efficiency and reduce costs

With Podfather you can produce efficient plans that are cost-effective and resource efficient.  Get to the right place at the right time every time. 

Improve dependability

We give you real-time visibility of what’s going on across your logistics operation.  We give your customers the ability to track their orders in real-time too.

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Our algorithms ensure that routes are both accurate and achievable.  Peace of mind for you, your drivers, and your customers. 

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We strive for 99.9% system uptime, and we consistently exceed that. We’ll be here when you need us.

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Cut carbon emissions

Effectively managing your vehicle fleet, and reducing paper across your operation, will have a direct impact on your carbon footprint. Podfather is here to help you achieve your supply chain sustainability goals.  

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Improve customer experience

Improve customer experience with accurate ETA predictions, live tracking links and real time notifications.  

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Improve cashflow

Improve your business cash flow with faster invoicing. Removing paper tickets means you have real-time visibility of what has been delivered where, and when. Invoice straight away.

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Reduce admin

If you are using paper tickets for your jobs chances are it takes time to complete. With Podfather there is no paper, no scanning and no waiting for information; everything is visible in real time.

Future-led logistics

The most complete, configurable, and easy-to-use logistics solution on the market today.

We are relied upon by over 30,000 users who use our route plans, delivery tracking and ePOD to keep their fleets moving.  

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Ensure vehicle plans are cost effective, resource efficient and meet customer time window expectations.  Optimise routes, manage pre allocated jobs, review fixed routes and regions. 

Planning and optimisation

Make sure all necessary vehicle checks have been completed, and logged, before vehicles leave the depot.  Maintain compliance with real time visibility and full-time accountability online.  Empower your drivers with vehicle check confirmation at their fingertips when out on the road.

Vehicle checks

Monitor progress against the plan in real time using our Android or iOS app.  Automatically send customer notifications and live tracking links, via email, text, or our online portal; keeping customers informed in real time.

Customer notifications

Streamline your proof of delivery process.  Log and share job completions, scan barcodes, capture signatures and photographs in real time.  Get real time notification of item adjustments, job cancellations and make delivery discrepancies a thing of the past. 


Use our reporting options to review and refine business performance.  We offer a range of real time dashboards and end of day reports, including On Time in Full and plan vs actual metrics.  Refine business processes using actual performance data.