Our people

Podfather is not just a solution, Podfather is a team of dedicated individuals who are committed to developing and delivering something great.  Nothing is outsourced here at Podfather, all engineers, support, customer success and sales functions are in-house team members, many in Scotland, others dotted around the country.  As an award-winning flexible employer, we have embraced changes in working practices, enabling us to maintain productivity and give our teams the best possible work-life balance opportunities.  

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Our teams

May be you are interested in becoming a customer, or maybe you are interested in joining our team as an employee.  Let's give you a sneak peek into how we operate behind the scenes.

Management team

The senior management team has more years of industry experience than any of them care to admit.  The board is made up of five directors covering key business functions.    


The biggest team in the business is engineering, with different teams working together to turn our product vision into a reality.  

Customer success

Caring for our customers sits at the heart of everything we do.  Our fantastic customer success team ensures customers are onboarded and looked after in the way that we feel is befitting to a customer.  


There will always be times when things go awry and you need help right now.  That's where our support team come in; ready to take your call or answer your email.  

Sales and marketing

Marketing serves as the face of our company, coordinating and producing all the materials that represent us as a business.  It's the sales team's task to work closely with prospects to understand how best we can help their business.  


Finance, HR and admin

We are lucky to have a dedicated team of individuals in our finance, HR and admin teams.  Always happy to help they keep the business wheels turning on a daily basis.  

Working at Podfather

Jane, Stuart, Colin and Drew sitting on the sofa
Team member

Lead software engineer

Podfather offers a range of social events that make sure it's not all work and no play.  Being able to meet everyone socially really helps to develop a wider sense of team spirit across the whole business. 

Team members doing cup team building challenge
Team member

Senior Support Engineer

In my role as a support engineer, I get to work across a variety of client projects, helping our users get the most out of their Podfather system.  I enjoy the fact that I can freely give my ideas on how the product should be shaped, and people listen. 

Group of employees at the stand at the CV show
Team member

Senior Software Engineer

Working in the Podfather development team is both challenging and rewarding.  I get to work on new and exciting front-end technologies that are being deployed to some of the biggest names in the construction and logistics industries. 

Emma and Steven from Podfather with Daniel from Griffiths
Team member

Customer Success Manager

The best thing about being a Customer Success Manager is seeing the completion of a successful rollout.  The Podfather system can make a huge difference to the businesses that use it and it's great to be part of the team that's helping to deliver these successes.  

Katie and Jane
Team member


All our teams are committed to ensuring that our customers are well looked after.  We aim for a consistent experience across our sales, CSM and support functions as our customers sit at the heart of everything that we do here at Podfather.

Drew and Phillip at the Rexel event
Team member

Head of Sales

It's imperative that we understand your business needs before we show you how Podfather works.  Our candid approach ensures we engage with you to implement solutions that offer real benefits.

three people wearing sports clothing with biscuits
Team member

Managing Director

We have some great people, and amazing clients, here at Podfather.  I am incredibly proud of every team member who has contributed to our success over the years. We started over 20 years ago with three employees and a dream of developing something amazing.  We have achieved that and so much more.  I can’t wait to see what the future has in store and am honoured to be leading the business at this exciting time.

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