3 Tips for surviving a 3 day trade show

23 Jun 2023
Tips for surviving a 3 day trade show

As we come  to the end of  this year’s Commercial Vehicle Show, we thought we’d share our top tips for survive a 3 day trade show… it’s tough going!!

Choose your footwear wisely.

Honestly, this is the best piece of advice for anyone about to embark on three days on their feet. Most of us sit at a desk all day so it’s physically tiring just being upright and moving around three days on the trot. Comfortable footwear is a MUST. Fortunately gone are the days of business attire being essential, you can be smart and be comfortable (just don’t turn up in your old dirty trainers!).

Big smiles and thick skins at the ready.

Trade shows can sometimes be soul destroying. It can be tough being ‘front of house’ with a big smile and welcoming word for anyone passing the stand. If you get pied, so someone just blatantly ignores you, don’t take it to heart. We’ve all been there with sales folk wanting to engage when we just want to walk. But you don’t get anywhere if you just stand back and wait for visitors to talk to you. So, grin and bear it, no one will want to engage with you if you look bored and unapproachable.

Work as a team.

Trade shows are a great way to be together with your team, especially as so many of us are working remotely these days. But you aren’t there to catch up, you’re there to maximise the opportunity and present your business in the best way possible. Be considerate of others on the stand, don’t just take breaks when you fancy it. Face forwards at all times as no one is going to stop and talk to you if all they see is your back. But, most of all, have fun! Having fun does not mean you aren’t taking the show seriously but if you have a fun team that actually likes working together, as we do, it really shows when folk walk by.