Are you still using paper tickets? Get rid & go green

02 Nov 2021
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Here at Podfather we are talking to fleet operators every day, trying to understand their operation and how we can help.

Time and time again we meet companies who still use a manual, paper-based process, to get products from depot to destination. With environmental concerns, improved efficiency, sustainability, and a reduction in emissions at the forefront of so many companies’ minds and mission statements, continuing to rely on a paper trail makes no sense! Here we look at how Podfather, the paper pulverizing specialist, can help improve your green credentials in the inherently dirty world of transport.

So, you have an ERP system, a WMS system and possibly some form of route planning system but you are still handing over a sheaf of paper tickets to your driver at the start of each shift.  Paper tickets get lost, are damaged, are illegible and are the bane of most companies' lives when it comes to order processing, accounting, and capturing payment.  So why do so many companies still do it?

The fact is that a transport office is a place where tradition often rules the roost.  “It’s the way we’ve always done it” is a common response and we understand that there are concerns about the introduction of new technology when there is a perfectly ‘good’ system in place.  But imagine this… a world where there are no paper tickets, where you get real-time visibility of what’s been delivered where and when, where accounts teams don’t have to spend a month matching paper PODs to orders, and where you can invoice faster. 

“Paper tickets slow down the depot-to-destination process and cause unnecessary hassle when they are lost or damaged,” comments Colin McCreadie PODFather’s Managing Director.  “Some of our clients are reporting saving several tons of paper each year.  Just think of the cost and environmental implications of moving away from relying on paper tickets, let alone the efficiency and visibility improvements that a software solution, like PODFather, brings to a business.”

With PODFather it is possible to eradicate paper tickets for good.  Our website is full of happy customer case studies where traditional paper-based processes have been banished to the past.  Our cloud-based back-office system and easy-to-use driver app allow users to plan vehicle routes, collect vehicle checks, share jobs with drivers via a smart handheld device, track deliveries, capture electronic proof of delivery in real-time and report on overall fleet performance. 

If you are interested in finding out how Podfather could help eradicate paper tickets from your business get in touch with us today, email or give us a call on tel: 0131 553 0400.