Capturing our customers’ imagination with carbon savings

27 Feb 2024
Picture of trees

Using delivery management software reduces paper usage, cuts fuel usage, improves efficiency but what does that equate to in carbon?

Working towards a greener future

Software suppliers will keep promoting how you can “save 20% of your costs”, often more by choosing their particular solution.  But, in today’s world, we need to concern ourselves about so much more than ‘just’ controlling costs.  Efficiency reporting, especially around the topic of carbon reductions and overall sustainability are at the forefront of minds.  Afterall in the inherently emission heavy, paper-based world of logistics, we have a long way to go in order to meet the latest government green guidelines.

It's all about the trees (and elephants too!)

We were recently able to share some interesting facts with many of our customers.  Using our route planning & electronic proof of delivery solution we can tell you how much carbon you are saving each year.  We can tell you how many trees that equates to, what the weight would be and for just paper alone, how tall the paper stack would be if you were to visualize it.

Is that something you are interested in?

I’m sure it is and we can help. Don’t think of software suppliers are just delivering a solution.  In the case of Podfather we see our role as making sure your solution hits your business KPIs and if you are working for a more sustainable future we can give you the tools you need to show the difference you are making, both to your business, and the environment as a whole.

Being Scottish we can also tell you how many litres of water your saving equates to and how that translates in to barrels of whisky!  Now that’s definitely something that appears to have captured the imagination of many.

Get in touch

We’d love to have the chance to work with you to identify real savings for your business.  Our expert team are well versed at working with our growing customer base to understand key drivers for change.  Not all software suppliers were created equal and neither were fleet operators.  But we are confident that whatever challenges you are facing – be it service issues, cost concerns, or just overall business growth – we can work with you to deliver a solution that will help you hit your business goals."