Energy Saving Trust cuts project data management cost in half with Podfather

04 Apr 2011
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The Energy Saving Trust is one of Scotland and the UK’s leading impartial organisations helping people save energy and reduce carbon dioxide emissions. The Energy Saving Trust’s work in Scotland is funded by the Scottish Government. In delivering the Scottish Government’s Home Insulation Scheme, EST turned to Podfather to provide a cost-effective and efficient way to manage the allocation of 300 energy assessors to survey 240,000 homes, and quickly and efficiently act upon the gathered survey information.

Complex multi-page survey forms were transferred from paper to Podfather’s PDA system and deployed across 300 assessors over an eight-week period. EST found Podfather to be half the cost, quicker, more flexible and more reliable than the paper-based system it replaced.

Detailed live management information is reported, including key performance indicator data on survey results, and performance information of individual assessors.

John Murray, Project Manager at EST commented: “Podfather allows us to easily allocate survey jobs to our subcontractors, measure how they perform, and deliver a faster, more complete service to homeowners. The system works brilliantly and has substantially reduced the cost of delivering the Home Insulation Scheme.”