Make ePOD your new year’s resolution

23 Jan 2024
epod being used on delivery

For many the start of a new year is a time to make resolutions, make changes, take steps to improve things in your life that may be causing frustration.  If you are back at your desk, on a dreary January day, tackling the same delivery challenges as last year, then maybe now is the time to think about ePOD.  After all, who said new year’s resolutions can’t be work-related.

Here are our three reasons why you should make ePOD your new year’s resolution.

Get rid of paper, for good

We spoke to one company recently that has seven pieces of paper for every job.  Yes, seven!  Every page has to be printed and scanned.  We all know that paper-based processes have served the logistics industry well for a very long time.  We know it’s how companies have always done it but is it really the most efficient way?

If you remove paper from your distribution process you will, without a doubt, save a huge amount of admin time. Paper tickets get lost, need to be filed and retrieved, and are not always accurate.  With an electronic ePOD solution you don’t need paper tickets. You really don’t!  Yes your drivers do need a smart device but it doesn’t have to be a particularly expensive one, even the most basic smartphone will do.  With a paperless process drivers get jobs via our driver app. They have everything they need, and more, at their fingertips.  Yes there is a bit of a change management piece when drivers move from paper to an epod solution but from getting out and about and talking to real life drivers we’ve had nothing but positive feedback.  Even the most technology-resistant amongst our customer community have been converted.

With an ePOD solution the management teams get time visibility of what’s going on in real time.  You can see what was delivered where when.  You don’t have to wait for paper tickets to be returned and processed before invoices are issued. 

Improve customer experience

We all need customers, without customers we don’t have a business.  But customers are becoming more demanding and an Amazon-type delivery experience, with ETA notifications and driver tracking, is becoming the norm. 

In the last 12 months we’ve seen a surge in companies coming to us because they want to improve the service they offer to customers.  For many it’s an essential part of them remaining competitive in their industry sector.

With ePOD from Podfather you get ETA notifications and driver tracking as standard.  No extra cost, no hidden extras, it’s all part of our core product offering.  With Podfather in place you can automate the ETA notification process, your customers get a tracking link so they can get real time status updates and when items are delivered they get an electronic proof of delivery notification confirming what’s been delivered where, when. 

A good delivery experience is proven to have a significant impact on how your customers perceive your business. Going from a fairly good customer experience, to a great one, can make a massive impact on your business’s bottom line. 

Save some trees in the process

Sustainability in logistics is a hot topic, and a very important one to boot.  Traditionally when you think logistics you think traditional paper-based processes, vehicles, road mileage and fuel usage… not things you’d associate with running a sustainable business.

If sustainability is at the top of your agenda then we can help show just how software, such as ours, can make a real difference to your environmental impact.  Are you looking to save CO2 by the tonne, or report on how many trees worth of paper you’ve removed from your process… we have the tools and time to show you just how Podfather can impact your business.  It’s not greenwashing, it’s fact.

Have we convinced you yet?

So if you are thinking about adding healthy eating, a new skill, or a lifestyle change to your new year’s resolution list, maybe you should think about adding ePOD too.  Together we can make that achievable.