Podfather celebrates being recognised as one of Scotland’s top 10 most flexible employers by Flexibility Works

26 Mar 2021
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Podfather is celebrating being recognised as one of Scotland’s top 10 most flexible employers by Flexibility Works. Flexibility Works supports employers in developing more flexible workplaces and works closely with the Scottish Government and policymakers to drive forward this agenda. Podfather develops and support software solutions that help fleet operators reduce costs and environmental impact at the same time as increasing efficiency. Based in the West of Edinburgh Podfather is a privately owned business employing a team of 40. During its 20-year history Podfather has always encouraged staff to prioritise life outside work and in 2018 its first flexible working policy was launched. In the last three years that policy has become core to the company culture supported by a management team who are committed to the goal of helping every Podfather employee manage the delicate work/life balance that is so essential for wellbeing. 

“Congratulations to Podfather for being a Flexibility Works’ ‘Top 10 Flexible Employer’ in Scotland,” comments Lisa Gallagher, Co-Founder, Flexibility Works. “Getting your name on the Top 10 list sends a positive message to your people and your customers and ensures your position as one of Scotland's top employers to watch in 2021.”

Podfather is a privately owned, family friendly company that recognises that staff are its most valuable asset. Pre-pandemic the Podfather flexible working policy included options to work from home, flexible working hours and part time employment options but in 2020, when COVID-19 hit, and offices closed the business took things even further. New initiatives included the introduction of longer lunch breaks to encourage staff to get away from their desks during the day, regular team meetings and an extensive range of social activities plus the offer of mental health support in the form of free counselling which was made available to all staff.

“Here at Podfather flexible working is not just an option for those with families or dependents, we have made it an option for everyone,” comments Colin McCreadie, Managing Director at Podfather. “You have never needed a reason to request to work from home, or to work alternative hours. We understand that having that flexibility makes life that little bit easier for our staff and maintaining staff wellbeing sits at the heart of everything we do.”

“What our judges liked about Podfather’s entry, was that they make it clear that flexible working is for all and have had a big push on flex for the past few years. The wellbeing of their people is key, and the company prides itself in listening to its employees as they continue to evolve their flex offering for the future,” adds Lisa Gallagher from Flexibility Works. “Well done again for winning this award.”  

“We are delighted to have been recognised as one of Scotland’s top 10 flexible employers, having seen off competition from a large number of organisations across a wide range of industry sectors,” adds McCreadie. “We are currently looking to expand our team, particularly within our engineering division, so if people want to know more don’t hesitate to check out our website or give us a call. We’d love to hear from you.”

Podfather develops, implements, and supports a range of software solutions that help fleet operators run a more cost efficient and environmentally friendly operation. The 40-strong team of engineers, account managers, sales, marketing, and management staff are based in the Gyle area of Edinburgh. The business is actively recruiting for several roles, particular within its engineering division.  If you want to come and work for one of Scotland’s top 10 flexible employers get in touch today by emailing  

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