Podfather celebrates its 22nd birthday in style with ePOD peak

31 Mar 2022
Podfather celebrates its 22 birthday in style with ePOD peak

Podfather, the Edinburgh-based route optimisation and electronic proof of delivery software specialist, has two business milestones to celebrate this month, reaching its 22nd birthday and celebrating recording its highest peak in paperless delivery note volumes. In the last two years Podfather has gone from strength to strength as its advanced, yet easy to use software solution has gained market share amongst logistics and construction fleet operators looking for a one stop solution to their distribution planning problems.  

“Here at Podfather we are committed to developing software solutions that deliver great results at the same time as creating a company culture where our staff can develop and grow as our business evolves,” comments Colin McCreadie, Managing Director at Podfather. “With proof of delivery volumes reaching an all-time peak, we are incredibly proud of what we have achieved here at Podfather and are looking forward to future business growth; there are exciting times ahead."

Podfather helps fleet operators to move to a paperless model. Distribution, which is traditionally a paper-based process, often relies on the movement of paper tickets from point of order to point of invoice; a process that can take multiple days and sometimes weeks from start to finish.

Podfather gives operators the opportunity to streamline processes and eradicate paper tickets for good. The solution offers a route planning module, vehicle checks, customer eta notifications, delivery tracking and electronic proof of delivery. As a result, paper tickets are eradicated, empty running is reduced, invoices are issued faster, and visibility is improved across the distribution operation.

“To put it into perspective the electronic proof of delivery volumes we are now experiencing equate to us capturing one paperless proof of delivery every second of the day during peak periods,” adds McCreadie. “With our business gaining market share, month on month performance, and the associated savings that brings to our customers, will only increase as more operators make the switch from paper-based planning to a more reliable electronic alternative, such as Podfather.”

Podfather’s 40-strong team comprises of UK-based engineering, support, sales, and marketing specialists who are committed to delivering something great – a simple solution to the complex problem of planning and managing a distribution operation. The environmental implications of reducing carbon, cutting empty running, and helping businesses control their fuel bill during these unprecedented times make Podfather an attractive option for both fleet operators and potential employees who want to work with a business that’s truly committed to making a difference.

Podfather is well-known for being one of Scotland’s top 10 flexible employers. For more information on current vacancies visit