Podfather focuses on user experience with latest logistics software upgrade

16 Mar 2021
Podfather focuses on user experience with latest software upgrade

Podfather, the leading supplier of route planning and electronic proof of delivery technology, is celebrating the successful rollout of its latest software upgrade. The latest version of the company’s delivery management technology gives users better visibility of real-time delivery performance.  Upgrades to the intuitive driver app allow drivers to capture any delivery item discrepancies or cancellations using easy to pick codes and associated comments fields. Customer service teams now have real-time information at their fingertips and can deal with any customer related issues quickly and efficiently.  Customer experience is improved as a result.

“Being a cloud-based system supplier makes it easy to roll out key system updates such as this,” comments Colin McCreadie. “Aimed at improving the user experience for our growing list of logistics, home delivery and food companies these new system enhancements have benefits that reach far beyond the transport office.”

Podfather has been developing and delivering leading edge software solutions for 20 years. The company’s logistics planning offering simplifies the complex task of planning optimised routes, collecting vehicle checks, tracking deliveries, issuing customer ETA notifications, and capturing real-time electronic proof of delivery. Customers are able to eradiate paper tickets, improve cash flow and improve real-time visibility across their whole operation with Podfather’s cloud-based back-office system and easy to use driver app.

Podfather's driver app which runs on the most basic of smartphones or handheld devices can be downloaded, for free, for both Android and iOS users. Once set up the app allows drivers to capture vehicle check information, including photos, receive job information uploads, track vehicle movements without the need for in-vehicle telematics and capture electronic proof of delivery in real-time. For operators using third party drivers the app can be downloaded onto the driver’s own smartphone and away they go, making it a flexible solution for all types of logistics operations. 

“During the last twelve months we have seen a massive uptake in our logistics product, especially within the food and drink industry where we have seen Destiny Foods, Aubrey Allen, Wright Brothers, Lea & Sandeman and Marrfish join our growing list of customers in this sector,” adds McCreadie. “These latest updates are just the beginning of a well-developed software upgrade plan that will be rolled out during the coming year. We can’t wait to share all our new logistics features and functionality with our growing list of customers.”

For more information on Podfather’s logistics planning solution give the team a call today on tel: +44 (0) 131 553 0400.