Podfather is on G-Cloud 9

29 May 2017
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Podfather, the leading mobile workforce management solution company, announced today that it has been named as a supplier on the latest G-Cloud 9 framework contract delivered by the Government Digital Service. The G-Cloud service, inclusion in which involves a rigorous procurement application process by the Crown Commercial Service, is designed to promote and encourage the adoption of cloud services across the UK public sector. Podfather services are now listed via the innovative “Digital Marketplace”, which permits quick deployment of cloud services by the public sector without having to run lengthy and often expensive procurement exercises.

Podfather is a secure cloud-based software solution designed for logistics, construction, and various field service environments. The company has three applications available for procurement through the Digital Marketplace. These include the core route planning/optimisation and electronic proof of delivery applications for logistics and field service environments; vehicle booking management system (VBMS), waste material tracking, and vehicle safety checking systems for large scale construction projects; and asset tracking solutions for the NHS.

Podfather currently works with organisations across the UK and Ireland including Crossrail, Thames Tideway Tunnel, NHS, Oxfam, Breezemount, Rico Logistics and United Utilities. The integrated backoffice scheduling and mobile applications enables jobs to be scheduled efficiently according to various rules, such as customer SLA, skills, site and/or vehicle capacity constraints. The mobile worker receives instructions in real-time to capture details of the completed job via a workflow-based template that can create an exact replica of the paper job sheet previously used, complete with GPS location, image capture, barcode scanning and electronic signatures.

By automating paper-based processes and giving a real-time view of job progress, the Podfather system drives efficiencies through an organisation. Ultimately this can improve cash flow and customer service levels, improve compliance by ensuring vehicles being used are properly inspected every day, all whilst helping reduce the administrative costs and burdens of inefficient paper-based systems.

Colin McCreadie, Managing Director of Podfather said, “As with previous iterations of G-Cloud which has listed Podfather, being on G-Cloud 9 means that we can offer our service and value proposition to a huge number of public sector and charity organisations in the UK. Our increased offer this time, including services for the NHS and large-scale construction projects, gives us confidence that business will continue to grow through G-Cloud.”