Podfather new features and functionality

14 Jun 2023
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Here we look at some of the new functionality that we have recently released to customers using the Podfather core product.  System updates are released to core product users at least once per quarter.  You will be notified of what’s coming either via email or a call from a member of our Customer Success Team.  You will be given a go-live date and a summary of what new features have been added and an explanation of the value they will add to your business processes.

What's new in 2023?

We know how important it is to keep customers informed with delivery notifications.  Being at home during lockdown has exacerbate the situation with the lines between B2B and B2C delivery experience becoming irreversibly blurred.

This year saw us add some great new features and functionality to our core product ETA notifications suite.  ETA notifications are available, as standard, to Podfather’s core product users with both email and SMS formats available.  

Configurable customer ETA notifications

We have added new notification options to the Podfather system to give users more options for communicating out to customers:

  • Job created: Give your customers advanced notice at the point a job is created in the system.
  • Run started: As your drivers start their work for the day send your customer a notification confirming the expected delivery time.  
  • Job completed: Send a job completion message and attach a copy of the electronic proof of delivery.

All notifications are available in email and SMS format, and message content can now be tailored to meet the specific needs of your business, and your customer base. 

Use our ETA notification template builder

We know how important consistent branding and personalised messaging are to customer experience.  Therefore, we have introduced an easy-to-use notification template builder, which allows you to create bespoke SMS and email templates that reflect both your brand and your company message.  Templates are quick and easy to create, you can set up as many as you need, and even create different templates for seasonal events! 

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Follow my driver functionality for your customers

This new feature enables your customer to proactively find out information about where their delivery is, what drop number they are, and when the driver is expected to arrive.  

To ensure you retain control of the messaging, we have configured the Follow My Driver functionality so that you can refine what your customers see when they click on the link:

  • Show or hide the driver’s location marker on the Follow My Driver screen.
  • Show or hide the number of stops on the run.
  • Add a downloadable proof of delivery pdf once the job is completed.
  • Edit the time window length given to your customers.
  • Add information and/or warning text onto the follow my driver link.

Banish the “where is my delivery?” debate to the past and empower customers to find information for themselves.  Less time answering calls gives customer service, sales, and transport teams the chance to focus on more pressing business issues.

With this new feature, we are empowering you to offer your customers an experience that matches that of well-known B2C delivery services.  

How can Podfather help my business

The Podfather solution delivers a number of business-critical benefits to users.  With various data upload versions available, and an experience customer success team on hand to help with onboarding, you can get up and running with in a matter of weeks.

The benefits of using Podfather

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Save money

Efficiently planning jobs to minimize logistics costs will lead to massive bottom-line savings for your business.  Reduce fuel usage, cut planning time, reduce mileage, and remove admin-heavy processes.  

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Reduce fuel usage and empty running, improve first time on time delivery success and remove paper tickets from your operation.  See the impact on your carbon footprint.  

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Customer experience

Give your customers a great experience with reliable ETA notifications and live delivery tracking links.  Watch your customer satisfaction scores soar.  

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Real time visibility

Combining planning and optimisation with ePOD gives you real time visibility across your whole operation.

Want to find out more?

Get in touch with us today to arrange a fact-finding call with a member of our business development team.  Let us get to know your business and we’ll show you how we can remove the headaches involved in planning and managing a logistics operation.

What is in Podfather's core product?

Our core product has features that give users a full suite of functionality to enable them to plan and manage their distribution operations. The key elements are detailed below – all core product users get these features as standard in the monthly license fee.

Order management

Automatically upload jobs via our API or customer portal for faster processing. 

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Route planning & optimisation

Ensure vehicle plans are cost-effective, resource efficient and meet customer time window expectations. 

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Vehicle checks

Make sure all necessary vehicle checks have been carried out and logged before your vehicle leaves the depot.

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Customer notifications

Send customers ETA notifications and tracking links via email or SMS, keeping them informed about when deliveries are due to arrive. 

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Vehicle tracking

Track driver locations via the Podfather handheld app.  Track performance vs plan in real-time and deal with any delays as soon as they occur. 

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Driver app

Our app will allow your drivers to collect all vehicle check information (inc. photos), you can upload job information, track vehicle movements and capture electronic proof of delivery in real-time.  

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Proof of Delivery

Log job completion, scan barcodes, capture signatures and photographs.  Share it with you both the transport office and the customer in real-time. 

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All our systems come with a standard suite of performance dashboards and reports.  Analyse results across your business, refine processes based on real life data and ultimately improve delivery performance across your operation. 

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