Podfather’s commitment to data security see it retain its Cyber Essentials Certification

26 Jan 2021
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Podfather, the route planning and electronic proof of delivery software specialists, is celebrating the renewal of its Cyber Essentials certification. Cyber Essentials is a Government backed scheme that enables companies to show that they have made the appropriate preparations and policy changes to protect against cyber-attack. The Cyber Essentials certification gives Podfather, and its customers, reassurance and is an industry standard that is fast becoming a prerequisite for suppliers wishing to work on key Government contracts. Podfather’s recent stringent audit sees its status renewed for another year and comes just a matter of months after the team celebrated retaining its ISO 27001 accreditation.

Podfather specialises in delivering software solutions that simplify the complex processes of planning, executing, and managing the movements of vehicles across logistics, construction, home delivery, field service and healthcare operations. Key functionality includes planning and optimising vehicle routes, administering vehicle checks, tracking delivery movements, issuing customer ETA notifications, and collecting and collating electronic proof of delivery information. The Podfather solution, which comprises a cloud-based back office system and an easy-to-use driver smartphone app, allows transport operators to eradicate paper tickets from their operations, improve visibility, enhance the customer experience, and cut costs.

Cyber Essentials is a Government initiative and a recognised standard in cyber security created so organisations can show they have taken the required steps to help mitigate the risks or a cyber security attacks. To attain certification Podfather had to carry out an in-depth assessment of its security protocols which were rigorously audited prior to certification renewal. Research commissioned by the NCSC (National Cyber Security Service) shows that Cyber Essentials certification is proven to help organisations, such as Podfather, attract and retain customers, giving both the company and its customers peace of mind. 93% of the companies surveyed stated that they are confident that a Cyber Essentials certification helps protect them against common, internet based cyber attached.  See full research results:

“We take security incredibly seriously here at Podfather and being able to share the news that we are attaining and retaining certifications such as Cyber Essential, and ISO 27001, are an important part of that process,” comments Colin McCreadie, Managing Director at Podfather. “These certifications require us to meet a number of detailed requirements which are then independently audited to ensure compliance is achieved. This is a huge effort for our team but having such accreditations in place gives both us, and our customers, the peace of mind that they are working with a reputable organisation.”

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