Run smarter, leaner, greener… with Podfather

16 Apr 2024
How ready are you for your electric vehicle fleet

Sustainability, and having a business plan that supports both company and government objectives is a must. Here is how we can help.

Small changes can have a massive impact on the big picture

Sustainability is an all-encompassing term.  Breaking it down into smaller parts is a great way to turn a massive objective into something more tangible.

For example, do you know how many sheets of paper you move around your transport office each year?  With an average of three sheets of A4 paper per job, the amount of paper moving around your distribution operation will soon mount up.

“Before we implemented Podfather we produced an extortionate amount of paper,” commented Natalia Furlong, Chief Environmental Officer at Furlong Flooring. “This was costly to the business and costly to the environment. But the impact didn’t end there, paperwork has a cost to produce, takes time to fill out, has the potential to introduce errors if its wrongly completed or lost, and has a cost to store and then access.”

Integrate your systems, grow your business

One of the great things about Podfather, apart from the excellent easy-to-use functionality and fast ROI, is its ability to integrate into your existing business process.  If you are looking at a route planning and ePOD solution it’s not uncommon for this change to be part of a bigger IT overhaul.  If it’s not, it’s good to know that the solution you are choosing is future-proof – so it’s going to stay with you and grow as your business grows.

“Podfather has so much to offer and we are discovering new ways it can help the business every week,” comments James Knox, Managing Director of the Yorkshire Dales Meat Company. “Integration with other business management tools, including our ERP and finance systems, is already boosting efficiency and we are looking at other ways technology in general and Podfather specifically can help us grow the business in a sustainable and profitable way.”

Make great service part of the process

Running a leaner, greener distribution operation does not mean you have to make service sacrifices.   Delivering great customer service still needs to be at the heart of your offering… we can just help you do it in a more efficient way.

“We have a number of values that are core to the way we do business,” commented Peter Elliott, Project Operations Manager at Real Wrap Co.  “We are passionate about looking after our people and the planet as we grow and we are on a sustainable mission to reduce our impact. Podfather helps us achieve these goals. Using Podfather we look after our drivers, we provide the best service to our customers and we minimise the damage we do to the planet.”   

Could we be helping you?

If you are looking to make changes to the way you operate to be more sustainable, at the same time as being efficient, then we are here to help.  Our cloud-based back office system and easy to use drive app offers a range of core functionality as standard.  We can help you plan your routes, collect vehicle defect checks, issue customer notifications, track drivers, collect electronic proof of delivery and provide performance reporting without the need for a single paper ticket. We have been proven to deliver a fast ROI, usually in a matter of weeks. 

To find out if we are a good fit for your organization the best thing to do is to get in touch.  Either give us a call on tel: +44 (0) 131 553 0400 or drop an email to and we’ll arrange a time to talk through your challenges in more detail.

Podfather, we help you deliver!