The time has come to digitise your processes

19 Jul 2019
The time has come to digitise your processes

The world has become digital. Companies need to abandon traditional manual logistics processes and, embrace digital transformation, or they will find themselves unable to keep up with the times. These days buyers and consumers are almost fully adapted to the digital environment. About 80% of B2B buyers are now using mobile devices in the work place, and the use of smartphones within the B2B ordering process has increased by 91% since 2016, according to a study by Boston Consulting Group in 2018. Odds are that those numbers have increased considerably since then. Customers also expect their orders to be customised to fit their needs, which involves more work from the companies.

People crave speed, convenience and efficiency and most don’t have the patience to wait or the willingness to guess availability or ETA. It is so easy to get access to information these days that buyers expect it to always be available at their fingertips. However, it is not only individuals that are increasingly dependent on digital technology.

The infrastructure of trade systems become more and more reliant on digital work processes. Automated vehicles will soon be a thing. Goodbye VHS, DVD, landlines, and snail mail. There will be no room for traditional paper-based logistics systems anymore as the ecosystem and infrastructure will be demanded to move as fast as possible.

The world will soon not have space for paper job sheets or receipts. Some of your competitors will have already made the switch, with features such as ePOD and automatic tracking replacing paper job sheets and endless customer phone calls, thus speeding up their processes and improving their cash flow and customer service as a result. If you don’t embrace the change, you will see your competitors thrive while your business gets left behind, losing both staff and customers who are getting frustrated over the endless paper trail. Having instant digital processes inspires much more confidence than slow, manual ones, don’t you agree?

A digital transformation project will not only help win and retain business. It has operational economic benefits too because a system will be cheaper than paying salaries. With digital, you can implement fleet management solutions to improve the efficiency and safety of fleet operations. Real-time fleet management can include intelligent algorithms that can plan optimal schedules in a fraction of the time it takes a team of people to achieve substandard results. This massively improves efficiencies, reduces fleet and fuel costs, and ensures jobs are delivered according to customer SLAs.

When companies like yours change to our solution, they find that it delivers so much more and saves time in a number of areas. And we all want that for our businesses, don’t we?

Finally, if you stop wasting money on paper you can improve your business and save trees as well. But that’s just an added bonus.