Why is it important employers take flexible working seriously as part of today’s work culture?

13 Apr 2021
Why is it important employers take flexible working seriously as part of today’s work culture?

The concept of flexible working has been around for some time and means different things to different people. Whether it is having the option to work from home, work flexible hours, or work part-time, employers are having to give serious consideration to make sure they offer the right options to attract, attain and retain the staff that they need to run their businesses.

Podfather, the Edinburgh-based software company that develops and implements route planning and electronic proof of delivery software solutions for fleet operators in the logistics and construction industry has been offering flexible working as standard since 2018. A privately-owned company, the Podfather management team identified that it was possible to introduce practical flexible working practices that maintained productivity and help look after the well-being of its staff.

The first policy offered staff the ability to work one day a week at home, work flexible hours and opt to work part-time should they wish to. With 80% uptake across its employee base and no dip in productivity or results, Podfather knew that it had made the right decision.

Fast track to 2021 and Podfather has recently been named as one of Scotland’s Top 10 flexible working employers, by Flexibility Works. The awards were a chance for Scottish employers to show the extent to which flexible working has become embedded in company culture and the judges were impressed by Podfather’s all-inclusive policy.

“What our judges liked about Podfather’s entry, was that they make it clear that flexible working is for all and have had a big push on flex for the past few years. The wellbeing of their people is key, and the company prides itself in listening to its employees as they continue to evolve their flex offering for the future,” comments Lisa Gallagher, Co-Founder of Flexibility Works. “Well done again for winning this award.”  

“Flexible working sits at the heart of our employee wellbeing programme,” comments Colin McCreadie, Managing Director at Podfather. “We have recently conducted a full HR policy review which sees working at home remain a full-time option for all staff should they choose it. In addition, we have decided to keep the flexible working hours changes, first introduced during the pandemic, as standard, enabling staff to work on that all important work life balance.”

Podfather is an SME specialising in the development and implementation of software systems that deliver real financial and environmental benefits to companies working in the logistics, construction, and healthcare sectors. Its software offering has been proven to cut operational costs, improve business efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions by reducing fleet mileage. Customers include a mix of companies across a range of industries and includes Tarmac, NHS, Oxfam, Bidfresh, Scot JCB and Filshill among its growing list of users.   

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