Why ISO 27001 certification is so important to logistics software providers like Podfather

15 Apr 2021
Why ISO 27001 certification is so important to logistics software providers like Podfather

The Podfather team is celebrating having successfully completed its latest ISO 27001 audit. Podfather is the UK’s leading supplier of route planning and electronic proof of delivery technology and is relied upon by over 30,000 users in the UK every day. But why is ISO certification so important to logistics software providers such as Podfather?  

What is ISO 27001

ISO 27001 is the internationally recognised best practice framework for setting up and managing an Information Security Management System (ISMS). It proves that the accredited company has the right processes and procedures in place to handle a wide range of secure information assets. In short, ISO 27001 accredited companies are renowned for providing a best-in-class ISMS for the maintenance and control of information entrusted by third parties, in this case, Podfather’s customer base.

ISO 27001 and Podfather

Podfather’s initial awarding of the ISO status in September 2019 was the result of many months of hard work that saw an overhaul of company security standards and procedures.  The renewal of the ISO 27001 accreditation in 2020 was testament to a company wide effort to understand and adhere to the guidelines set out in its well-defined Information Security Management System (ISMS).  The successful completion of the latest audit, in March 2021, shows that Podfather remains committed to the continual security assessment, policy development and staff training that is required to maintain this industry standard.  

“Information security is something we take incredibly seriously here at Podfather,” comments Colin McCreadie, Managing Director at Podfather. “To attain and retain the ISO 27001 certification requires huge time and effort on behalf of all our staff and it shows our customers that we are committed to data security and integrity which is hugely important when running a software solutions business.”

What ISO 27001 means to Podfather customers

Adopting the ISO 27001 security standard shows Podfather’s customers that security is part of the company culture and that the organisation is well protected against any possible cyber threats. The fact that Podfather continues to retain its ISO status shows that the business is committed to improving its security processes, and conducting thorough risk assessments and stakeholder audits to mitigate any potential security risks. It also gives Podfather a competitive edge and is a clear reminder to clients and prospects that it takes security and data control incredibly seriously.

“Developing and maintaining an ISO compliant Information Security Management System shows how committed we are to ensuring that our policies and procedures protect the reputation of both our own business and those companies that we work with,” adds McCreadie. “Security risk levels can be hard to manage without the formulation of set controls, such as those outlined in the ISO 27001 certification criteria.”

What ISO 27001 means for staff

Gaining and retaining ISO 27001 certification is a company-wide initiative.  All staff are required to undertake strict security training which is updated regularly, and two members of the team are now certified ISO internal auditors, reinforcing the company’s commitment to maintaining its certification.

“We are incredibly proud of the commitment that all staff have shown in the run-up to, and completion of, this most recent audit,” adds McCreadie. “Having an internal auditor, or in our case two ensures that we have the right personnel in place to help our business prepare for and complete the stringent annual audit that retaining our ISO 27001 certification requires.”

The importance of ISO 27001 in your software partner selection process

There are several reasons why you should opt to work with suppliers who have attained and retained ISO 27001 status. Here we outline the ones that we think are most pertinent to the industries that we work in, namely logistics, construction, and home delivery.

1. Trust: You can trust an ISO 27001 accredited supplier to have taken the required steps, and put the necessary procedures in place, to maintain data security.

2. Continued improvement: Once you have attained ISO 27001 status there is an ongoing program of work that is required to ensure that you successfully pass each audit.  Therefore companies who hold this accreditation show commitment to continuous improvement. 

3. Security: The ISO 27001 status shows that the company takes a risk focused approach to run its business.

4. Commitment: Attaining and retaining ISO 27001 status is no easy feat and shows that a business, such as Podfather, is willing to invest the time and resources to maintain its accreditation.

5. Compliance: If you take data security seriously then you should look to work with suppliers who share the same business ethos. The ISO 127001 status shows that a company complies with strict guidelines, including GDPR and PECR regulations.

“We feel that holding the ISO 27001 status helps solidify our place as the supplier of choice for companies looking for a route planning and electronic proof of delivery solution,” adds McCreadie. “It demonstrates our commitment to data security and risk management both within our business and for the companies that we are working with.”

About PODFather:

Podfather supplies route planning and electronic proof of delivery (ePOD) technology for companies working in the logistics, construction, home delivery, food & drink, field service and healthcare sectors. Its cloud-based back office system and easy to use driver app helps fleet operators to plan routes, collect vehicle checks, track deliveries, issue customer ETA notifications and capture electronic proof of delivery in real-time. Users can eradicate paper tickets and improve the flow of data across their business at the same time as cutting costs and improving efficiency. If you are interested in finding out more give the team a call today on +44 (0) 131 553 0400.