Customer portal

Our customer portal allows your customers to keep track of jobs in progress and enables them to view all of their completed proof of delivery PDFs.  It is a standard system feature that can be embedded on your website or accessed via ours.

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A standard part of our system is the customer portal.  Our portal can be added to your website with all the access controlled by you.

Our portal can help you cut admin time from your processes and reduce the number of inbound customer service calls, freeing up time for staff to be doing other things.  

The benefits of using our customer portal

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Give your customers real-time visibility of all their job statuses and past order information in one easily accessible place.

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Empower customers

Empower your customers to access the information they need about their orders.  Reduce inbound customer service calls. 

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Easy to use

Our customer portal comes with several configurations for ease of integration and use.  Embed it on your website or access it via ours.

Feature highlights

Jobs in progress

  • Our customer portal shows your customers all jobs that are currently in progress.  

Proof of delivery archive

  • The customer portal POD archive allows your customers to download copies of historical PODs, helping to resolve queries and invoice disputes before they begin.

Further features

Driver tracking

Being able to track how your plan is executed in the day will deliver big benefits for your business.  Get real-time visibility of what’s going out on the road, react to issues or changes in real-time and most of all, keep your customers updated about what’s going on.  

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Customer notifications

Keep your customers informed with our ETA notification functionality.  Send updates via email and text in the format you want, at the frequency you want.  

Customer notifications
Customer story

Lea & Sandeman

Lea & Sandeman

With a well-established omnichannel business, and growing demand for its home delivery service, Lea & Sandeman was looking for a robust solution to replace paper-based processes across its wine delivery operation.  

PODFather is replacing what was historically a paper-based process.  Lea & Sandeman now rely on PODFather to plan routes, collect vehicle checks, track drivers, send automated customer ETA notifications and collect electronic proof of delivery confirmations.  As part of the system change, all drivers have been issued with a smartphone, onto which Lea & Sandeman downloaded the PODFather App.

Related features

We hope you like what you see.  If you are interested in our customer portal functionality you might also be interested to find out more about the following.

Our planning and optimisation software allows your jobs to be efficiently planned, and loads allocated, across your drivers and vehicles.  

We help you deliver by optimising vehicle journeys that consider time windows, customer constraints and vehicle capacities.  We deliver peace of mind for you and your customers.

Make sure all necessary vehicle checks have been completed and logged before vehicles leave the depot or arrive on site.

Drivers log in to the Podfather app which runs on the most basic of smartphones and is available for both Android and iOS.  Using their handheld devices drivers capture all the necessary pre-departure vehicle check information required to help your fleet stay legal when out on the road.   

Streamline your proof of delivery process.  Log and share job completion, scan barcodes, capture signatures and photographs.  

With ePOD you are removing the need for paper tickets.  If you are looking to streamline your processes, improve visibility across your operation and minimize costly delivery disputes this is the solution for you. 

Use our reporting options to review and refine business performance.  Includes On Time In Full (OTIF) reports and dashboards. 

Reporting on actual performance helps our customers plan for the future.  Refine your planning parameters, customer drop times or service commitments based on what’s actually happening out on the road.  Share information with ease.