Earthworks ticketing

With the introduction of earthworks ticketing, you can automate the production and management of tickets across your construction business.  Eradicate paper, improve visibility and ultimately maintain compliance with a clear record of what’s been moved where.

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Our earthworks ticketing solution will help you eradicate paper from your operation.  No more reliance on paper tickets being returned from any of your drivers or subcontractors.

Go paperless with Podfather and get real-time visibility and full-time accountability across your operation. 

We’ll give you the tools you need to ensure efficiency and regulatory compliance for your business.  

The benefits of using our earthworks ticketing software

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Make savings

Efficiently plan jobs to minimize logistics costs which can lead to massive bottom-line savings for your business.

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Save time

Replacing old planning processes with an automated solution can save hours of admin time each day.

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Duty of care

Our system ensures duty of care regulations are enforced for material movements. 

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You will see a massive improvement in ticket accuracy as you are not deciphering handwritten tickets. 

Feature highlights

Driver app

  • The Podfather mobile app is easy to use, and displays the jobs your drivers need to complete in the order planned.  
  • This prompts your drivers to complete jobs correctly and ensures that all essential information is captured and transmitted straight back to your transport office in real-time. 

Muck away

  • Muck away collections are processed with a simple workflow that ensures all duty of care information is captured and stored.  
  • Our closed-loop process tracks the materials and waste from the collection location to the tip site.  Individual loads, repeat or turnaround bookings can be allocated to drivers.

Aggregate deliveries

  • Aggregate deliveries follow a workflow from the quarry to the delivery site.  
  • Quarry weighbridge data can be captured, as can waiting time incurred when your driver is waiting for the customer to sign for the delivery.  Photos can be added using our app when evidence is required. 

Further features

Bulk logistics planning

Let Podfather help you automate the load allocation of your aggregate and muck away logistics planning processes and eradicate the need for paper tickets across your construction business.  

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Customer story

Ashvale Haulage

Ashvale Haulage

Working with the UK’s biggest infrastructure solution companies it was imperative that Ashvale Haulage had the right technology in place to meet stringent guidelines for electronic waste and material tracking.   PODFather’s experience of doing just that, for some of the UK’s biggest operators, made it the obvious choice for the Ashvale Haulage team.

Ashvale Haulage historically relied on a diary booking system to log customer work.  Now with Podfather, and the easy-to-use driver app in place vehicle loads and movements can be planned using the system’s drag-and-drop interface and once completed jobs can be issued to drivers through the PODFather app which also allows drivers to collect and log all their vehicle check information prior to leaving the depot. 

Related features

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Make sure all necessary vehicle checks have been completed and logged before vehicles leave the depot or arrive on site.

Drivers log in to the Podfather app which runs on the most basic of smart phone and is available for both Android and iOS.  Using their handheld devices drivers capture all the necessary pre-departure vehicle check information required to help your fleet stay legal when out on the road.   

Monitor progress against the plan in real time using our app.  Automatically send customer notifications via text or email.

We track via our Driver app so there is no need for costly third-party telematics.  We’ll give you live tracking updates on the day and your customers benefit too with a range of notification features and live tracking links available as standard. 

Streamline your proof of delivery process.  Log and share job completion, scan barcodes, capture signatures and photographs.  

With ePOD, you are removing the need for paper tickets.  If you are looking to streamline your processes, improve visibility across your operation and minimize costly delivery disputes this is the solution for you. 

Use our reporting options to review and refine business performance.  Includes On Time In Full (OTIF) reports and dashboards. 

Reporting on actual performance helps our customers plan for the future.  Refine your planning parameters, customer drop times or service commitments based on what’s actually happening out on the road.  Share information with ease.